3 Tips for a Successful Outbound Marketing Campaign

One of the most common question clients ask us is “what is the best way to get my product known?” First of all, I’d like to make it clear that no strategy can give you 100% guarantee for success. All business strategies and practices have their own risks. However, with proper people, research, knowledge, and skills, you can reduce those risks and improve your chance at success.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is one of the first marketing strategies that entrepreneurs think about. Basically, this technique means reaching out to people, which can be a wide variety of audiences or a targeted few, and persuading them to purchase a specific product or service. It usually involves a team of telemarketers that contact potential customers. Below, I have listed the top 3 tips for a successful outbound marketing campaign.

  1. Be unique

Developing a product that is useful and familiar yet still unique is of utmost importance if you want to successfully enter the market. When you’re through with the development process, though, uniqueness is still vital. With so many products in the same market as yours, you have to find a way to market it in a different and interesting manner. If you don’t come up with a one-of-a-kind strategy, then you will have a hard time engaging customers. Being unique and interesting should always one of your priorities.

  1. Create a way to keep people’s attention

“Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention.” That quote was coined by Leonardo diCaprio in the film titled Django Unchained. Imagine hearing this line from your customers. It feels amazing, doesn’t it? Grabbing people’s attention is easy. Grabbing it AND keeping them interested is hard. It can be extremely challenging.

It may be a minor accomplishment, but developing a right script/poster/advertisement that converts people to prospects can be worth millions. The best way to keep their attention is by leaving just enough room for their imagination. Too often, telemarketers and advertising companies try to cram too much information in a single strategy. They try to list down too many features and benefits that will come when a customer  buys their product that customers no longer feel that sense of wonder. Once you ignite someone’s curiosity, hold on to it by providing just the right details that will leave them asking for more.

  1. Get to the juicy parts properly

When you have successfully established a connection with the potential customer, give them the details about your product. Again, do do not bombard them with too much information. Find a way to keep your product or service interesting. Allow them to ask questions but more importantly, tell them how the product will benefit them.

“This product/program will help you lower your current electricity bill by up to 50%. Are you interested to know more?”

The script above is far from  perfect, but it leaves a lot of room for questions while directly telling the customer what he/she can gain from the offer.

By keeping your customers engaged, you will have the chance to earn their trust. Follow the 3 tips above, integrate them into your current marketing strategy, and you will meet your goals easily. Still having a hard time? Then maybe you need the help of an expert outsourcing company that specializes in telemarketing. Contact us and we’ll offer affordable and easy solutions to your business’ needs!