Angeles City Call Center

Office Space for Lease

Western Standard Office Space

in the heart of the Philippines

Angeles City Call Center provides the best of both worlds. We are an American owned and managed call center company located in Pampanga, Philippines to ensure low costs while still delivering world-class quality.

No Minimum Seats Required

For as little as $200 per month per workstation, you can now lease an office space in our building!

Our turnkey services provide everything that your business needs, all in one place. You can start making calls for your campaign on day one, it’s that easy.

All workstations are fully-equipped with brand new cubicles, quad-core computers, flat screen monitors, top quality headphones, and a reliable connection to our lightning fast dialers.

Our 31,000 sq. ft. facility also features private office cabins, a fully-equipped kitchen/break room, and video conferencing rooms.

What's Included?

Agent Station

To ensure optimum productivity of our agents, we have equipped our agent stations with comfortable seats and high-end hardware. We always make sure that our staff works in a happy and efficient environment.

IT Infrastructure

Constant assessment and improvement is commonplace inside the Angeles City Call Center office. We want to make sure that our IT infrastructure remains secure, our bandwidth uncongested, and our connections are fast, so that we not only meet your business’ needs but exceed them as well.

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