Angeles City Call Center

Angeles City Call Center Telemarketing

Angeles City Call Center Telemarketing

Angeles-City-Call-Center-Telemarketing-02Angeles City is one of the first class highly urbanized cities in the Philippines. Many of these highly urbanized enclaves are situated in Metropolitan Manila. It’s truly an honor for a city north of the country’s capital to gain this reputation. Add to that, Angeles City has served as a socio-economic and cultural hub of Central Luzon thanks to its strategic location.

Because of this, several young professionals have flocked at the city in search of high paying jobs as well as worthwhile careers that would help them improve their skills as they grow old with the company. Apart from that, the government and the private sector has built several commercial infrastructure to house the local and foreign investors that have started setting-up shop in the city.

Among the major industries that have flourished in the city is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry that is continuously expanding in the city as well as in nearby Clark Special Economic Zone. In terms of BPO specializations, telemarketing is also becoming a popular career path for enterprising call center agents in the city.

Angeles-City-Call-Center-Telemarketing-03Telemarketing is more than just a call center process. It is absolutely different from the usual inbound general care and technical support call center companies. Telemarketing is a mix of marketing, brand management, and sales. Although it is outbound, the telemarketing agent is more of a general care agents as well as they try to win the approval of the customer so that these customers would soon consider buying their products.

At times, they are also technical support because they need to address the questions of customers about the specifications of the product or what they have to do just in case the product encounters some issues. The surprising part about this is that the customer has not bought anything yet!

In Angeles and in the Clark Special Economic Zone, several telemarketing companies have emerged. There are some that have even expanded to become big telemarketing companies that are now also catering to lead generation requirements of their clients. Most of these telemarketing companies could be located in the city’s business district or in Clark’s newly created business hubs.

Most of these telemarketing companies create their own script, which would contain pre-qualifying questions to gauge their prospective customers if they would meet the client’s criteria. Apart from that, there telemarketing companies do not only maintain an outbound call center; they also have a quality assurance team that validates and evaluates all the calls made by the call center agents to ensure that the company standards are met whenever these agents make outbound calls.

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