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How To Do Effective Backlinks

Link building is one of the most important aspects to incorporate in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. In fact, backlinking is a tried and tested solution for websites to increase their website traffic and boost their ranking on search engines. As we step into a new phase of the digital age, even though backlinking has been around for decades, the importance of an effective backlinking strategy cannot be understated. 


The quantity and quality of backlinks can increase the ranking of your website in search engines. In addition, backlinks are considered an indicator to measure the popularity of your website. Now that the notion of extremely high competition in terms of website traffic and search ranking on the internet is crucial for organizations, having an effective backlinking strategy will improve digital marketing as we know it. 


Link building help boost website traffic.

Domain Rating


Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. A websites domain rating indicates and predicts how likely a website will rank within search engine result pages. This should always be the first step for backlinking, choosing a website that has a good and established reputation. This is important for starters because establishing one’s credibility is crucial for every company that aims to increase their presence on the internet. 


Publishing quality content would attract and keep your audience focused.

Create Quality Content 


Quality content must be informative for the readers and consist of the following criteria, readability, formatting, and it must also be grammatically correct. Nowadays, people are focused on the quality of the content they see, when they are dissatisfied with the content, they’ll probably won’t click any of the links on the content you’ve created. Simply focusing on the content quality produced will establish authority with every content you publish and therefore gather a base of followers in your wake. 


Utilizing infographics as part of your backlinking strategy works too.

Backlinks Through Infographics


As mentioned previously, the attention span of your targeted audience may vary depending on the content they are interested in. Utilizing infographics as part of the backlinking strategy is a good way to retain the attention of your audience. The use of infographics increased by 67% among B2B marketing in the last four years. 


Infographics provide credible content that will backlink to your website. Moreover, a visual representation of statistical data that coalesce with a unique and interesting story would surely contribute to your backlinking campaign. 


Getting published on third party websites will help you establish credibility and expands your potential audience.

Guest Post On Other Websites  


Guest posting on other popular websites is an effective way to reach a new audience. Creating quality content that is posted on popular websites that have your link to bounce back on your website will also help garner more website traffic. Ultimately, guest contributions help expand the exposure of your content and most importantly your website. 


Promotion is a good way to widen your reach and helps with the exposure of your work.

Promote Your Content 


In this day and age, promotions have been a staple initiative for every businesses, and now that a majority of the population are active internet users, using social media and other websites that allow outside website links to be promoted is beneficial to any and all backlinking campaigns. It is counterproductive to publish or create several pieces of quality content without an established base of followers, promoting your content through social media and email campaigns would be a cost-effective way to increase your backlinks. 


Social Media is a proven solution for backlinking, as getting your links posted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest would greatly increase the reach to potential audiences. 


Utilizing email outreach in a personalized manner establishes relationships with other website owners or content bloggers. By directly contacting them and laying out the topics you intend to send them for posting, which may include a promotion for your website, you create a situation that is beneficial for both parties. Having an intensive email outreach campaign should help you reach like-minded people.  


The Bottom Line


All that being said, backlinking is a proven strategy to increase your website traffic and credibility. As discussed earlier, improving your domain rating and checking the domain ratings of other websites you intend to link with is a crucial step, as it establishes website authority. From then on it’s under your control to create a quality content, including infographics, and guest posts on other websites, and finally, promote your content on social media and through email campaigns. 


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